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A Golden Oldie from 2004! The Fantasy: A great fire flamed in a new home construction area. The hot, glow of the flames could be seen from miles around, dangerously out of control. The LA Fire Chief was called in to battle the flames. Quick! Get that long hard hose to the LA Fire Chief! Make sure it is on full blast! But one of the flames seems to be alive! And not all of them are dying quietly. Hmmm. This flame is a very Naughty Flame! Behaving disobediently and very mischievously, this smoldering body ignited strong heated emotions! The LA Fire Chief securely grabs the big firm hose and begins zealously training it on the Naughty Flame. This will require much more than just a blowing out. But the question is~ who is the hottest? The LA Fire Chief or the Naughty Flame? You be the judge! Click the blue button below to join.

The Fantasy: The Chicago city streets are hot and gritty. The clouds make a hazy greyness across the urban metropolis and provide no relief from the stifling heat. Buses, cars, L-trains. All forcing smelly exhaust in the air. The whole place feels packed in and overrun with people. But the Exotic Foxi has a refreshing wet getaway of her own. If you are hot too, and you catch the wink of her eye, you are welcome to come along. [The secret is that there is more to the Exotic Foxi than meets the eye. Foxi is from the Bad Girls Series] Click the blue button below to join.

The Fantasy: Meet the real Wee Willie Winkee. In the beautiful simplicity of the Scottish country side was a lovely sleep giver. Long after the last boy and girl have fallen asleep listen for her soft voice as she moves over the rolling hills in her wispy lingerie. Her voice is the personification of a sensual sleep bringing light romance and the hottest of dreams...ahhh... like the sweet caress of a frosty but gentle wind. Set your clock for 1am and wait in the silence of the tranquil, cool, misty twilight to join Wee Willie Winkee now! Click the blue button below to join. (music by Melody Loops - Magic Moment)

The Fantasy: It is hard to gain favor with Lady P. Her heart is cold. She is forever flanked by two heavily armed sentinels that can turn you inside out if you don’t come correct. Don’t mess with Lady P. She has a roll of money, a black book and gives organized crime a brand new meaning. If you can make it past her guards...which you can’t... you might be able to find her transacting business in a dimly lit room overlooking the Cotton Club. Beware, they say she keeps a pink leopard .22 in her garter. Stay out of danger and lay low. If you are wanted you will be summoned at her desire and for her desire. Think you can measure up? Hmph. Join to see the full show...but you better lay low. Click the blue button below to join.

The Fantasy: She is an entertainer who is skilled in producing illusion by sleight of hand. She performs magic and works of fantasy to entice your libido! She is The Magician, queen of diversion. Now watch her closely! Her illusions are more than pulling a kitten from an empty hat, and much more than making something seem to disappear. Join and watch her transform you! Click the blue button below to join. (music by Kevin MacLeod - George Street Shuffle)

Nude Art and A Golden Oldie from 2002! The Fantasy: The deep down sound of slow southern melancholy blues. From the cruel Southern plantations of the 15th century to the blues festivals of today, she embodies the emotion in her soul. She is liberated in the wee hours of the night. Become a part of the fantasy and feel the humidity! Click the blue button below to join.

The Fantasy: Public exhibitionism by women has been recorded since classical times. A wrinkled old tan trench coat? A person you don’t know? No!! The Flasher is personal and intimately yours. She comes only to you in a sensual blush tone trench. But you never know when she is going to Flash you! Join now and get flashed! Click the blue button below to join.

The Fantasy: He created her. From the soft but firm clay she rouses amidst a soft breeze. Carving herself from the brown earth, she awakens to inspire, support and lead. Because of the empowerment of women, the entire world is brought into existence making the land and its inhabitants a better and richer place. From Maya Angelou: Phenomenal Woman Join now to see the amazing transformation! Click the blue button below to join. (music by Purple Planet-Dream Of You)

The Fantasy: Small, seductive and wild. Silent, swiftly, and stealth. Was that a little creature moving about in The Reeds or was it just a shadow or a whisper of the wind? What caused the warmth you just felt against your thigh? Why have you become aroused? Mysterious. Illusive. You turn and follow. Then, with one quick but subtle feminine movement, her hair changes. Your heart pounds wildly... Click the blue button below to join.

The Fantasy: They say,"you gotta know when to hold them and know when to fold them". Come play a game of chance and high stakes! Let the Dealer stack your deck as she deals out her special Princess cards. See if she knows how to hold them! Risk it all and join now and watch!

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