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Your Princess listens to your feedback. Tell me what’s on your mind… good,  bad or otherwise.  Also, let me know if you would like for me to post your comment just below.  

I have missed you all!!

Or you can and tell me verbally!


 DATE  COMMENT  The Dear One
Aug. 17,
Bless you dear, Princess. I hope we can make contact after you are sorted with your sad loss. I think of you as you navigate your sad course now, for the second time in as many years.  You are kind, sweet, passionate and considerate.  As a bereaved lady, you will use those attributes carefully and generously.  I kiss you,  Love. Derek England
Oct. 15,
Let it be a tribute to you that through good and bad times I have known and loved you for 8 years.  I still have ambitions to share some loving with you again and I shall stay in touch. My heart is yours, my lovely Princess.  Derek    England
Sept. 28,
Hi Princess,

I’m planning to get an hour with you on Sky private this Sunday. I’ve talked to you a long time ago and had a lovely time. I’m the guy from India not sure if you would remember me. I’m travelling right now and I will be in Italy on Sunday. Just wanted to know if you will be free on Sunday ?

I made sure my cam is working

A:  Hi Shan!  Ofcourse I remember you!   Make your time between 11am and 1pm EST and we can do it!!  I look forward to seeing you once again 🙂

Shan Ruthra
May 17,
Hey I was just watching the Black Panther movie and at the end there was a woman who is either you or identical to you and I was wondering if it was you?
A:  Good eyes, Michael!  Yes, it is me.   
Mar 13,
 Very fantastic     Dinusha
Feb 21,

Hello Princess,It’s been too long. Hope you’re doing well.XOXO
Dec 21,
I am so sorry for your loss. It hurts me inside to know you are hurting. I don’t know what to think or do that could help. I hope you will be ok. Treasure
Sept 10,
Hi Princess, I’ve really missed you, you seemed to have disappeared for a few years. Are you back in action or have you retired from erotic modelling? Regards, Chris   A: Hi Chris, Great Question!  Yes, Yes! The subscriptions for the erotic video chapters will be available Spring 2018.  In the meantime you can always reach me here and see me here!   See you  soon muah!  ANP
update 2-19-2018: Chris, with the loss suffered at the end of 2017 by us at,  subscriptions have been pushed back to Fall 2019.  Sorry for the inconvenience See you  soon muah! ANP.
     Chris L.
Jun 24,
   Hi my love ur pics are so beautiful so great XOXOXOX thank u for them love your BennyBoo XOXOXOXOXOX    Ben in    Maryland
Apr 13,
   I miss you bigtime…and think of you a lot.   I wish I could see you   again. Derek England
Dec 31,
Thats a spectacular New Year ejaculation. Very accurate:)
Oct 8,
  hello my love wish we could talk dont no how ur doing hope   everything is ok with u miss you love you
Ben M
Oct 3,
  Love you.
Sept 4, 2016   I think about you everyday Princess. I pray that you are well and happy.
Sept 3, 2016   im your number one fan missed you. treasure
Aug 21, 2016 Hello Princess, I hope you are feeling better soon. I see your eyes and wonderful smile in my dreams. Stewart
May 25, 2016   Hey Princess!! I just want you to know that I love that you’re very kind and caring for others. You always look at the positive side of things, no matter how life may be. I want you to know that I’ll be praying for you that God will always provide for you and your family. And may God always bless you Princess. Always be the wonderful person you truly are. 🙂 Matt
Apr 22, 2016   hello my dearest princess you are amazing and perfect. biggie696 in Ohio
March 21, 2016 Hello Princess, nice to see your website up and running again. I’m looking forward to a membership when available.
Gentlemen in Oregon
March 20, 2016    Hi Princess. I was just browsing and saw this. I am excited again. maybe see you soon. wallykronkite in England
March 20, 2016     hi love its ur benny  how ru Ben in Maryland
First Comment 2016    Dear Benny,  you are the first comment!  I will arrange extra chat time just for you…soon! ANP
June 18, 2014    If in this world there were more of you, the world would be nicer… _MALIBU_
May 26, 2014 I love the way you talk and how you are able to make me feel happy 🙂

You’re not only a very beautiful woman, but your kindness and sweetness makes you unique!  Many hugs for you with tons of kisses, because you deserve all of them xoxoxoxo

njhunkman New Jersey
Apr 15, 2014  You’re loved and appreciated! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hey Girl, Have a great day and enjoy the company of your family today. My lovely, sexy Matriarch. peterknapp Idaho
Mar 2, 2013 Damn Girl! 🙂
U r just so great bb, u make me lose my words;)   thank u and take care my bb  Kisses a bunch;)
Blackie2 Gentlemen in Sweden
Apr 15, 2013 Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear beautiful Princess, Happy Birthday to you. I do hope you have a lovely lovely birthday my lovely. All my love, kisses….Anubis xxx Anubis  in England
Nov 7, 2013 You are an incredibly beautiful women. Both inside and out. Fstop
Aug 17,2013 It turns me on just to see your name, beautiful Gentlemen in the USA
December 6, 2012 Dear NubianPrincess
You are one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen! The only thing that tops your physical beauty is your class and kindness! truly an angel in our midst
LJ unknown
 Nov 24, 2012 Hello Princess This is a word of congratulation and admiration for the production quality and professionalism of the vids I have looked at. The model is not too bad either. There are ones where i can’t find a photo series – only a sarcophagus. Nevermind, I get the idea anyway. Be seeing you. Gentleman in England
Oct 14, 2012 My view on this is dont join for anything less than gold, and I have the experience to understand that anything less than your gold package is not enough to really satisfy. If Santa were to give me a gift for Christmas, and I’m going to join again in the future. It would be you with either the Ice Princess look or the magician look. Hair Braids normally don’t do anything for me, but the exception was that magician fantasy. That broke all rules in my mind and something I’ll value for the rest of my life.

I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that one.

I love you,

at your service, BL
 August 26, 2012 Hello Beautiful,

Please note that I do not use the word beautiful loosely. I am honored to see that a woman as beautiful and elegant as you. You are truly a very rare and stylish woman, a true woman of distinction. Based upon your elegant and very beautiful photos, I was not surprised to read that you are a model. I am even more impressed at how youthful you look. You have done very well to maintain an extremely youthful appearance and that says a lot about your life style. Well you obviously appeal to the physical aspect of what I desire in a woman .
unknown USA
2012 Hi there my Nubian Queen, for you go beyond princess, indeed. Firstly such a stimulating, intellectual, sensual, healthy, beautifully blessed Queen. Just because I went to your website and recieve some knowledge indeed. Love your site, it so interesting and unique how you mix your intelligence and beauty into a complete package. Gentleman in Illinois
July 30, 2012 What a complete and utterly charming woman you are. I loved  the video and your pics. You truely are a princess. USA unknown
September 3, 2012 I  was simply taken by the the spirit and positive demeanor of your words. It was so inspiring! I can only hope that in your spare time that you find a way to share your spirit with other young females and serve as a mentor to those individuals who may have lost their way and coud benefit from your wisdom and guidance! As for now, I extend my best wishes to you and yours. Take care, USA unknown
Jul 10, 2012 OMG princess, Just want to thank you so much for your wonderful web-site. I had to take my blood pressure medicine after watching your video The Fire Chief( truth).
I have done research along the same lines as your web- site. Princess you are absolutely stunning and drop dead are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I would kiss the ground you walk on.
your devoted white prince
May 9, 2011 I have never seen such a beautifull lady that is so charming, sweet, sophisticated and down to earth. You are a real treasure. Be safe and hope to talk to you soon. Kayne82 unknown
Oct 31, 2011 Dear A Nubian Princess,

thank you so much for your warm welcome. I enjoy exploring your site, I love the journey of different feelings and emotions you give to me everytime i sem to find a new “secret door” on your site.

Your absolutely right,. I am the  danish man who signed up on LJ just to see you . There’s this undefinable thing about you do to me,.. you contain so much more than just a sexual fantasy. When I get to the point where I can define what I mean I will tell you :). But right now,. im just enjoying the ride of senses you activate in my brain. you make it full of,.. sparkles,. And don’t worry,.. thats a good thing;)

songs often defines your state of mind,. and this is where you’ve been making me go all night,. So,.. tonight,. this song is the closest I come to define the undefinable A Nubian Princess:

Sending you good karma and kisses all the way from “the land of the vikings” Denmark

Gentlemen in Denmark