Since you are incapable of thinking and you are a submissive financial pet that I choose to keep around for my pleasure, I will determine when you may humbly ask and I will determine your reward. It’s about power. But, most of all, it’s about control…and My happiness. Some call it greed.

  1. 1. As seen on this site or in free chat on cam (more choices always  available):

Panties – clean $30 – worn $50

Thongs –  clean 40$ – worn $60

Pantyhose – clean $25 – worn $45

Bras – clean $40 – worn $60

Corsets – $70

[contact-form to=’’ subject=’Panty request (check if Tribute is sent)’][contact-field label=’First and Last name ‘ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Address: Street or P.O. Box, City, State Country. If your request is International, please ad $5.00 ‘ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Comments: Do you want garments work 24 hours or clean? State your color preference and anything else you would like me to know.’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

Requests without a tribute will be ignored ofcourse.  All items are shipped in a ziplock bag and come in a large manila envelop with only a P.O. Box as the return origin. If you are not my Financial Pet, you will get your color preference. If you are a Financial pet, specify color request of item and maybe you will get it.  I will think about it (ofcourse tributes above and beyond cost will help determine my decision).

2. Other special clothing requests will be entertained with a $10 tribute made in advance on the Financial pet Contact form. All items will be shipped from a P.O. Box for My discretion.

3. Cam Games (will be arranged if application is approved) Have your wallet ready and make sure it is full. Remember, you came to me and I will Control Every Aspect of your wallet, mind, body and soul.

a. Learn to use your pea brain. pea $10 Tribute in Advance

You learned to read in grade school right?  Read a link I give you and be ready to and tell me what it means so I can correct your pathetic thought process and verbally break you down so you can get it. A pet is here to appease MY whims and understand My way.

b. Stroke Stroke Pay. 10$ Tribute in advance.

Every touch will cost you. Every stroke means you have to pay Me. Let’s see how many touches you can takes before you to cum. If you are so pitifully excited by My presence in front of you and my control of your wallet and you cum too fast you will have to pay what I choose.

c. Chastity Tease Pay $10 Tribute in advance.

Pay to NOT cum…no touching… but teasing, permission to touch in very specific ways for specific amount of time I deem appropriate.

4. Pictures: which I may sign or send to you with a hint of my perfume lingering on them… what you wouldn’t do to get a sniff of My scent.


Opportunity to let go and let Mistress take charge

Opportunities to demonstrate how special she is to you

Financial decisions are taken out of your hands giving you stress free pleasure and a chance to TRULY serve

Mega adrenaline rush in giving over total control.

Work hard with the assured knowledge that your efforts are going to My Princess.

Watch My Princess splurge and enjoy your hard earned cash!

Rigid Expectations




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Financial pet Contact Form


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