Worse Discrimination/racial Massacres In Us History

What constitutes the worse case of a massacre in US History?  Is it the number of precious lives lost?  Is it the ages of our lost victims?  Is it the weapon(s) that was(were) used?  Is it the number of monsters who are taking our precious lives?  Is it having roots in another country?  What constitutes ‘the worse’?  Click ‘more’ and examine a few incredible cases.   

  1. 1- Sand Creek Massacre
  2. 700 White United States Soldiers kill 60-200 Native Americans



2- Bombing of Black Wall Street

Bombed from the air and burned to the ground by mobs of envious Whites, the carnage at Tulsa left some 3,000 African Americans dead and over 600 successful business lost.



3- Sandy Hook Shootings

A man kills 20 children and 6 adults


27 Dead — 20 Children — in Connecticut Elementary School Massacre


4- Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Mass shooting and hate crime…details still unfolding



5- Rosewood




6- Among many others, 7 Mexican Shepherds were hung by white mob

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Point to Ponder:   http://racialinjustice.eji.org/timeline/1950s/

Maybe what matters more than labeling these terrifying killings and stopping the lost of humanity here in America and everywhere is just ENDING them.  These horrors are all the worse.  The lists of these US History atrocities go on and on…past….present….and unfortunately…future.



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