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The Humans  Behind Our Nation

forwardAs we know, it has been recently and scientifically suggested from DNA studies that all of humanity we see around us today has a common place of origin. Where is this common place of origin? It appears that all humans of today can ultimately trace their ancestral roots back to…Africa. This would indicate that the African people ARE the world’s Aborigines.

The writings herein are informative pieces that touch on facts  supported from well known and not so well known scholars and scientists from varying parts of the world.


The world is a wonderfully diverse place! People come in all shapes and sizes, with obvious differences in abilities and appearances. 

source: Best Animations http://bestanimations.com/Earth&Space/Earth/Earth4.html

There are many ‘faces of Man’ found throughout the world. Although the faces are different, the genetic structure, the DNA, is not so different as most people might believe. Over 99% of the DNA in all people is identical. This is not an accident. Most of the proteins that carry out the biochemical functions of a human body are made exactly the same from one person to the next. The remaining one percent, however, accounts for people’s diversity. It can also be used as a tool to determine how genetically “related” people are.


Source: African Décor http://afro-decor.com/cgi-bin/store.pl/SID=1402137861.6523/page=SA_africa_map.htm

By comparing mutations in the DNA of people who live in different parts of the world, geneticists are developing new theories about how humans populated the Earth. The evidence points to a common African origin. Much of the work has been based upon maternal lines. The DNA of present-day Africans is more diverse than that of people of other continents, indicating that humans have lived in Africa the longest. (excerpt from http://www.freemaninstitute.com/RTGdna.htm)

Other sources: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/back-africa-ancient-human-genome-reveals-widespread-eurasian-mix-180956881/?no-ist  By Brian Handwerk, October 8, 2015. & http://www.trussel.com/prehist/news214.htm

Two visual examples: The first image shows a child from the Solomon Islands whose origins points to Africa.  The second image shows the San (Bushman) people who are the African origin of another group. Which group? Click each image to learn more.

A blond-haired Solomon Island child gives the camera two thumbs up. Research published in the journal Science has uncovered the gene responsible for these fair tresses. Credit: © Sean Myles
Young Naro bushman (San) family, Central Kalahari, Botswana
Young Naro bushman (San) family, Central Kalahari, Botswana. The African Image Library









Source: The African Diaspora http://ad4change.org/african-diaspora-maps

As we leave Africa, we must keep the African diaspora in mind. The African diaspora is a reference to the communities throughout the world that were created from the historic movement of peoples from Africa, predominantly to the Americas, Europe, Asia, including the Middle East, as well as other areas around the globe.  Various groups share a similar  dispersement of human beings as we will see.  However, the African Diaspora is the largest forced migration in history due to the transatlantic slave trade beginning around the 15th century.   We will carry this knowledge with us as we explore these African DNA connections. source: http://bernard.pitzer.edu/~hfairchi/pdf/Blacks/MiddlePassage.pdf 

Our first stop will be the region of Middle America.  From there, we will travel to the Far East.  We will make a stop in Arabia, as we move on to India.  We will pause in India with a special note before reaching Thailand and China. We will move on to Australia, the Mediterranean, Europe and finally the United States. There will be a few other visits too. But for now, lets begin our exploratory journey of our world’s connective origins with Africa  in Middle America.

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