Rigid Expectations


Financial pets/Pay pigs give gifts and tributes often from their discretionary income. This is completed under the desire of the financial pet without any expectation. Their greatest pleasure is in knowing that they have made a Dominant’s life easier and much more pleasant yet giving purpose and meaning to their own. But of course, these boundaries can be pushed. There are times when other aspects of this domination such as mind games, cam session, tasks and other aspects will be employed.


I am your Dominant, refer to me as My Princess. You are my financial pet, but refer to yourself as my pay pet until I choose to accept you. Understand I am your Dominant at all times without reservation. The true pets are those that give without expectation, knowing that I do not give into demands made by financial pets. If I deem your actions worthy or I decide to reward you, I control when, where and how this will happen.


Cam Sessions with Me requires $10 tribute upfront

Please keep in mind that different Doms offer different services. I am a Princess Dom. That means I am strongly involved in Financial Domination and I am know how to get what I want without using profanity or taking my clothes off on cam. Again, due to historical present and future reasons, the use of the word ‘slave’ is NOT tolerated. If you require different, bye Felicia.

My Time is of Great Value

Should you stand in need to make contact for any reason outside of the required allowances then 1 brief email on the financial pet contact form is sufficient after a $10 tribute. I am extremely busy with what I choose to do and you must understand, you are not a priority nor the only pet competing for My attentions. Count yourself lucky to have this privilege. The best way to have this privilege revoked, is by your persistence in multiple pet contact and/or calls. You may even risk Me turning My back on you and a permanent block. The Financial Pet contact form is for current financial pets only. Become a Financial Pet here.

Utmost Respect

You will always show your undying respect to your Princess – whether verbally, physically or otherwise. Any thing I deem an insubordination will not be tolerated and can result in instant dismissal from My service.

Honesty & Discretion

To make any D/s relationship work it should be based on honesty and communication. Never make promises you can’t keep. If at anytime you feel you can’t proceed for whatever reasons you should convey this to Me immediately.

MeMeMe Syndrome

Remember you came to Me… You are seeking that special something that no other can give you and you are wanting My time and attention not the other way around. Therefore, Moany, whiny, selfish submissives do not make adequate financial pets. If this is you, bye felicia. As with any Domination it is about pleasing your Dominant before yourself.

Initial Tribute & Application

A tribute must always be sent in accordance with your application. The application tribute is $80. The more information you give about yourself and the more generous your tribute the more likely you will get a response.  You maybe be left hanging a while but I will get back to you…at my discretion.

Rigid Expectations




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