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Congratulations for exploring Different Deviant Desires! You can now embark on a journey of a life-time, realizing some of your inner-most desires and fantasies as I lead you through the life of a Financial Pet.

Be aware that I am a Strong Intelligent Dominant Woman. I have an acute preference for highly financially submissive men who think they know it all. I can be very manipulative, demanding, and due to historical, present and future events, a cruel streak lives inside me. Every encounter with me is your chance to impress Me. So don’t mess up and disappoint Me!!! You don’t want to disappoint Me.

That being clearly stated, I am by nature kind and caring; but you are going to learn from me and pay to do so!  And if you expect me to cater to you in any way, bye Felicia.

However, I am still very approachable; firm but fair and I expect and deserve respect from you at all times. I am happy to get to an understanding of what is in your mind via your application. But first you must read and understand each category thoroughly below.

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