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  Dear Gents,

April 1st, update:

Yay!!  Just a few more boxes to empty and I will be back with you on my birthday April 15th!  Gotta pick up a monitor first.   In the meantime, Go see Black Panther if you haven’t already done so. It’s not the same ole super hero movie, hence all the hype!

As you know, your Princess does background and is a Wakandian in 4 scenes…one of the the most amazing opportunities I have ever had. I was allowed to work with talented, warm-hearted actors, crew and cast members.

In the intro of the movie, 5 tribes are discussed. Being part of the Merchant Tribe clad in purple tones and gold,  I can show you 2 scenes here and here.  But I am unmistakably visible after the credits roll because there is more movie at the end!!!  So don’t leave when you see the first set of credits ending…stay for the epilogue teaser (and actually, there is another epilogue after that!).

For those history buffs that follow along, view these 12 minutes in line with the movie  here.



Before Sheldon’s (Squeeker) death, my oldest son, he had an opportunity to do background acting.  His personality and physical appearance led him to be in the upcoming movie Son of Shaft.  It comes out June 2019.  Gotta love Atlanta!

Thank you all so much for your love, loyalty, and patience!  See you on Sunday the 15th of April between 11am and 1pm EST!


your Nubian Princess

PS. Thank you for your outstanding support with the page. It’s been rough but your generosity touched my family as we noticed the goal was reached.



March 13th update:
I have moved!  I told the movers where to put the boxes, no problem! But there are just so many!   lol   Still got a ways to go but I am getting so much more closer to seeing you again on!!

Until then, Give me a call!   See you super soon!


your Nubian Princess

PS. Thank you for your amazing support with the  page!




February 11th update:

Looks like the owner finally came to reality and let me know that he does not have the  funds to reconstruct the home we live in.

With that stated, I will be moving. 

Once everything is together again, we can get back together again!  So sorry for the inconvenience and that I cannot yet give a date.  I miss you.


your Nubian Princess

PS. Thank you for your amazing support with the  page!


January 2018 Update:

Upon our return from Denver, we found a bit of flooding!  Seems the fill valve or the prv went bad.

Once the restoration folks are finished and all is dry and restored, I will be back at the usual time!  Really sorry for the inconvenience


your Nubian Princess

PS. Thank you for your amazing support with the  page!



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