Hi Gents!

I regret that I wont be able to see you today.  Family came in during the wee hours of the morning for the holidays and we are all still snoozing. lol!  I will be back on Sunday, Nov. 26th

I wish you all an AMAZING Thanksgiving!   Call me anytime.


Your Nubian Princess

PS.  50 percent of some of the Caribbean Islands still have no electricity 🙁 Slow moving help!  Heartfelt prayers continue…

Weekends can bring relaxation and sometimes a lot of free time.  WELL, together we can make every Sunday exciting (lol) and add some fun to that free time!  I offer you the requested option below:

See me on Skype!

Check out Skyprivate on Sundays

from 11am to 1pm EST!

 You can see and talk to me

every Sunday from 11am to 1pm EST!!

Note: To book an appointment, it is best NOT to book during my normal schedule hours, Sunday 11am – 1pm EST.  This can cause conflict and the inability to see just you.  Booking is a special accommodation so lets negotiate that at a special time!  thanks


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