Consensual Financial Domination Application

The following must be filled out completely for your application to be considered as a potential financial pet. This will help My Princess learn about Her potential financial pet’s desires. All fields MUST be filled out completely before submitting this application.
Failure to comply will result in your application being denied.

Note: Those who are applying must be at least 21 years of age, absolutely no exceptions.

Duplicate submissions will be denied and will also render your original submission void for 4 months. When first applying. you will be given a generic submissive name, ex: paypet25.  Once you have proven your dedication, I will choose a unique name for you.

Follow the message after you have submitted your application to pay the $80 Application fee so Ms Princess knows you are serious about becoming her financial pet.  Applications submitted without the Application fee will not reach Me.

Consensual Financial Domination Application

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